Patson Daka   •   Red Bull Salzburg

no pic


age23 years
height185 cm

positionstriker - mid striker
current teamRed Bull Salzburg
update2021-02-18 20:04:34


6.000.000 Pound per year


17/18 - Kafue Celtic FC

16/17 - FC Liefering

16/17 - Kafue Celtic FC

16/17 - Power Dynamos FC

15/16 - Kafue Celtic FC

15/16 - Green Buffaloes

14/15 - Nchanga Rangers FC


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What kind of car is Patson Daka driving?

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You cant even spell the name of the country correctly. You dont have his pic and your information is not up to date, he recently signed for Leicester
Zambia NOT Sambia
What kind of a car is patson salad driving
What kind of car is pardon data drive
who is her girlfriend
who is her girlfriend
Patson daka was born in Zambia not sambia please correct that.
Does he have a girlfriend
Great player future legend
40000euros per week

Daka is brilliant, hes worth should be 20m. He would be a good choice for a spanish club.
Patson is a very good player seeing his skill its okey that he has signed a contract with a team out of zambia. And daka by now am sure he doesnt think of been in a relation becouse he has a long way with his carier
car he drives

Patson Daka was born on 09.10.1998 in Chingola. He is 23 years old and his citizenship is Sambia. His current club is Red Bull Salzburg, where he plays in the striker - mid striker. His estimated salary is 6.000.000 euros per year. That's equivalent to 500.000 euros per month.
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