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The advantages and disadvantages of a career as a football professional

Numerous boys and girls dream of a career as a professional footballer in the early childhood. Even in the adult age, many people wish to have taken this career path. Although a career as a football pro promises some clear advantages, this also entails numerous disadvantages, which should always be considered.

Football play with highest merit

Every enthusiastic hobby footballer would give a lot for his life support by playing football. This dream came true for professional footballers. The working day of a professional footballer usually consists to a large extent of the playing and exercising of football. The resulting merit is one of the greatest advantages of this career path. Most successful professional footballers achieve an income of well over one million euros a month. Some of the most successful footballers even reach an annual income of more than 80 million euros and thus a weekly salary of over one million.

Varied trips to foreign countries

In addition to these two factors, which would make a career change for most people, professional footballers have the opportunity to travel to many foreign countries. As a rule, the cost of the footballers' travel is borne by their association. Both in the framework of championships, competitions as well as friendships, professional footballers play their games all over the world. Most of the time, they also participate in numerous cultural events together with their colleagues and can thereby experience the different cultures and facets of other countries more closely than most other employees.

Professional footballers suffer from immense performance pressure

Together with these clear advantages, there are of course also some disadvantages. Although the playing and training of football is one of the greatest advantages of this career, it is also the main disadvantage. For a professional footballer neither the fun of the game nor the friendly cohesion in the team is decisive. In professional football everything is about the performance of the players. For this reason, most professional footballers suffer from a tremendous pressure on performance and are regularly looking for a sports psychologist. More than 90% of all professional footballers are currently undergoing regular psychological treatment. In addition, depression among professional footballers is relatively widespread.

Absolute discipline with little space for self-development

In addition, a career as a professional footballer offers very little room for self-development. After a talented junior player has been signed into one of the leading clubs, his working day is only slightly different until retirement. Only the merit of a player can still rise depending on his performance on the field over the years. Even during a game, the professional footballers have to stick strictly to the rules and strategies of the coach. Spontaneous game maneuvers and individual courses are not possible in professional teams. Each player understands himself only as part of the team and no longer as an individual person.

Demanding careers with high benefits

The career as a professional footballer offers numerous attractive advantages for the performance athletes. At the same time, however, severe restrictions must also be accepted, which can even have health consequences. For this reason, a career as a professional footballer is both extremely demanding as well as with high comfort.

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