Chencho Gyeltshen   •   RoundGlass Punjab FC

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age25 years
height173 cm

positionstriker - left
current teamRoundGlass Punjab FC
update2021-02-20 04:45:55


60.000 Pound per year


20/21 - Paro FC

19/20 - -

19/20 - Bengaluru FC

18/19 - NEROCA FC

18/19 - Bengaluru FC

18/19 - Minerva Punjab

17/18 - Thimphu City FC

16/17 - Chittagong Aba.

16/17 - Tertons

16/17 - Thimphu FC

16/17 - Satun United

15/16 - Buriram Utd. B

15/16 - Surin FC

15/16 - Buriram Utd. B

15/16 - Thimphu City FC

14/15 - Yeedzin FC


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Does Chencho Gyeltshen live alone? Does he have a girlfriend or wife?

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Chencho Gyeltshen is good football player.
Chencho Gyeltshen is paid $4000/ 1.25 crores for two years
Yes he is worth the money actually he should be getting more then what he is been paid.
Chencho Gyeltshen is married man with a handsome baby boy.
Chencho Gyeltshen driving a Toyota car

My favourite Player, all the best Chencho Gyeltshen

Chencho Gyeltshen was born on 10.05.1996 in Shapa, Paro District. He is 25 years old and his citizenship is Bhutan. His current club is RoundGlass Punjab FC, where he plays in the striker - left . His estimated salary is 60.000 euros per year. That's equivalent to 5.000 euros per month.
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